A chatbot facilitating procurement for the City and County of San Francisco.

procurement chatbot screenshot

Every year, the City and County of San Francisco spends hundreds of millions of dollars on goods and services provided by private sector businesses, many of whom are based in the Bay Area. The process can be difficult to read and understand due to the numerous rules involved. Yeti worked with the San Francisco Office of Contract Administration and Committee on Information Technology to develop a chatbot for the procurement process.

“Government procurement is complicated. Guidance is scattered or threadbare, and people hate feeling lost as they try to navigate the process.”

Robert Henning, SF Office of Contract Administration

Reduce employee frustration; Free up the call center

The City of San Francisco wanted to leverage emerging technologies to make the procurement process easier for staff to understand, and to standardize the purchasing guidance provided to City employees.

Using the Civic Chatbots platform, we developed The Procurement Answers and Information Guided Experience, or PAIGE for short.

Clear Guidance

Replace confusion and frustration with clear walkthroughs. PAIGE will give you an overview of the procurement process you'll take.

Consistent Knowledge

PAIGE can answer over 1,000 questions about IT procurement subjects like vendor tiers, RFPs, SOWs, and sourcing contracts.

Accessible Documentation

Have quick access to all forms, documents, and templates during your procurement. Less time searching, more time doing.

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